12 February 2013


Hadley's advice on scarf-wearing for men:

The European knot: This is when you fold your scarf in two and stick the two ends through the loop and around your neck. A British man who wears his scarf this way engenders great suspicion from his fellow menfolk and no wonder: the knot is European, after all. If you wear your scarf this way everyone will think you're Eurotrash, which you probably are.
The Ascot knot: The over-hand knot, when the scarf is wrapped primly around your neck and then knotted properly up close to your neck and the two ends lie perfectly on top of one another. Hello, old Etonian and/or employees of GQ.
The twisty scarf loop: You twist your scarf and then tie it once close around your neck and then again, loosely knotting the ends together. You are either a foreign correspondent for a newspaper, or trying to look like one.
The drape: When you simply fling the scarf around your shoulders and don't bother tying it around your neck. You are a student who thinks he looks like Christian Slater in Heathers but actually is a bit more Tom Baker-esque in Doctor Who.
The single wrap, over shoulder fling: The scarf is wrapped once around your neck and one end hangs down in front and the other is flung over your shoulder. You like to imagine you are a nouvelle vague hero. You think you look "dashing". We'll leave it at that.
The single wrap, loose knot at the bottom: the scarf is wrapped once around your neck and then the two ends are tied loosely at the bottom. Fussy.
The loop and tuck knot: You take the scarf around your neck and hang both ends down your back equally. Then you wrap them over opposite shoulders, wrapping your neck, so they now hang over the front. Then you bring the two ends under the bit of the scarf that is wrapping your neck at the front, looping them over and then letting them hang down. You are Brian Sewell.
The double wrap: The scarf is wrapped twice around the neck, the ends hang in front of your shoulders. Absolutely acceptable; actively encouraged.

No. I'm not going to discuss my preferences.


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