09 February 2013

The boy done good - maybe

So he's a political paragon.  The Guardian reports:

Fuelled by copious cups of coffee from a brand-new Nespresso machine,David Cameron chalked up a Brussels first as he debuted at an all-night EU summit.
Looking mildly tired after 25 and a half hours on the go – with a two-hour "freshening up" break at 10am on Friday – the prime minister hailed his achievement in negotiating the first ever cut in an EU budget.
"The British public can be proud that we have cut the seven-year credit-card limit for the EU for the first time ever," he said before travelling home for dinner with his wife, Sam.

Not sure about the credit card analogy, but quibbling would be specious.  Nevertheless, it would be no surprise if the deal were to fall apart before next Tuesday,  But then a cynical old sod like me would say something like that ...

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