18 February 2013

Leave me alone!

I have been back in Scotland for less than 10 days and I have been deluged with phone calls (well, four of them actually) from young ladies with Indian accents offering to compensate me for having been mis-sold payment protection insurance.  Remarkably, they seem to know the amount of the loan involved, the purpose for which it was provided, the fact that the loan was timeously paid off and the amount of compensation to which I would be entitled, as well as my name, address and telephone number.

The only problem is that, other than for mortgage purposes (and that was in the dim and distant past from building societies), I have never taken out a bank loan.  Like any well brought up laddie, I was taught to save up for what you wanted.  And, as a (more or less) well paid civil servant, I was lucky enough not to need loans.

So why am I plagued by these PPI vultures?  Is it always like this over here?


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