19 March 2013

The drama continues

I would respectfully suggest that the ba' is on the slates,  The Guardian reports:

It appears certain that the Cyprus parliament will reject the bailout package as it stands.
A spokesperson for the governing Democratic Rally (Disy) party of President Nicos Anastasiades revealed before the debate started that its MPs have decided to abstain, rather than support the package.
With the rest of the parliament expected to vote against it, this is a major display of defiance from Nicosia against the eurozone.

And so armageddon draws a little bit closer.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Defence is getting over-excited:

Britain has just sent a aeroplane carrying one million euros to Cyprus as a"contingency measure" to help troops and their families.
The move (which sounds like the start of a Hollywood heist), is an attempt to make sure military personal [personnel?] won't run out of cash if ATM machines and bank cards stop workinh
Further plans [planes?] could be sent too. PA says the Ministry of Defence is determined to minimise the impact of the Cyprus banking crisis on "our people" and it will consider further shipments if required.

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