09 July 2013

Georgie Porgie

The Telegraph is unduly critical of the Chancellor, here:
A portly man jogging in public, dripping with perspiration. The instinctive reaction of any passer-by is to look the other way. This is because (a) it's not a pretty sight and (b) he might just keel over and we'd rather leave the first aid to someone else, thanks very much.
So what was the Chancellor thinking when he allowed this picture to to be taken yesterday, the sweatiest of the year? George Osborne is not especially fat, but he'd look far better if he lost a couple of stone. Not that he will: he's been jogging – "running" isn't quite the mot juste – for years now and it isn't having the slightest effect on his waistline.
And here:
There he is, a fellow fortysomething fighter of the flab, battling his way through the park, listening to music drawn from his youth no doubt, huffing and puffing and hating the slim exercise fanatics sprinting past him on their way home for a wheatgrass based breakfast. I even recognise his T-shirt dilemma. Should one go tight? Maybe. But too tight is bad. But too loose – the option chosen by the Chancellor – in its way is worse. It looks suspicious, as though the wearer has something to hide. Flapping around, it gives the game away. Mainly, we should remember that a white T-shirt and shorts is always a bad idea, unless you are a toned Andy Murray. Instead, I have settled on running (slowly) only in very dark blue (shorts and T-shirt). I commend this suggestion to the Chancellor.
People of Slasher's age seldom look good when out jogging.  It's a sweaty, uncomfortable business, even in winter when a tracksuit will hide a multitude of sins.  Does that mean that they should never try?  Of course not.  Besides, what would he look like if he didn't jog occasionally?


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