10 July 2013

Too much information

There are some things I'd rather not know:
The future Labour leader did not waste time dating girls while he was at school, and so was not a bit like Nick Clegg, who had slept with “not more than 30” women before he met his wife, we learn.
“I was a late developer,” he admits. “I’m not going to compare myself to Nick Clegg in any way.
“I was quite square and serious. Girls came a bit later – university and after.”
Romance with Justine began when she went all the way to Doncaster North to help him secure the Labour nomination.
“I really feel so lucky. She’s so much the rock of my life.
“It sounds a bit corny, but I wouldn’t be doing this job and I wouldn’t be happy without her…“We call each other sweetie,” he added.
Pass the sick bag ...

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