01 July 2013

Good telly

I have been enjoying the BBC 2 series on the Rise of the Continents.  I can't pretend to understand fully the geology of it all, but the guy doing the presentation, Professor Iain Stewart, so obviously enjoyed making the programmes that his enthusiasm is infectious.  Throw in the spectacular scenery and it becomes a programme well worth watching.

It may have cost a bob or two to send the good professor to the various corners of the world but, compared to the vast sums the BBC wastes elsewhere, this seemed like value for money.

Catch it while you still can - or wait for the repeats.

1 comment:

Richard T said...

I saw the episode when he was on Stromboli, laughing in delight at the eruptions. Such real unforced enthusiasm should be a model for many other TV Faces, particularly when it is backed by genuine knowledge and understanding.