29 August 2013

Does he know what he is doing?

Do you suppose that, before recalling parliament, Mr Cameron thought carefully what he might do if parliament were not prepared to support his proposal to make war on Syria - or at least to participate in an air-strike?  Did he take the necessary soundings about the possible parliamentary outcome with the other parties and, especially, with his own backbenchers?  Did he have a plan B in case parliament was reluctant to toe the line he wished it to?  The answers are obvious, now that the recall has proved fundamentally pointless, as any crucial vote will not take place until next week at the earliest.

Now consider this.  Has he thought through the implications of an attack on Syria?  It might make him feel better to have been seen to be doing something, but will it do anything to stop the civil war in that benighted country?  And while the medieval kingdoms of the Arabian peninsula might applaud, what of the Arab street?  And if the UK (and the US and France) does not respect international law and the United Nations, why should any other nation?

Or will Cameron just barge ahead, hoping that someone else will clear up the mess?


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