27 August 2013

How Cameron gets it wrong

It's not that difficult.  But painting yourself into a corner is not the way to go about it. CityAM illustrates the point:
PRIME Minister David Cameron has cut short his holiday to chair a meeting of the UK’s National Security Committee on how to respond to an alleged chemical attack in Syria.
He is also set to make a decision today on whether to call back other MPs early to discuss the atrocity.
A Downing Street spokesman said yesterday: “The Prime Minister will be working from Downing St ahead of a meeting of the National Security Council scheduled for Wednesday. The government will decide [today] whether the timetable for our response means it will be necessary to recall MPs sooner than Monday when the House is currently due to return.”
If he wants to recall parliament, he should just do it.  Because, now, if he decides not to, he will be excoriated for failing to allow MPs their say.  In such circumstances, he could only plead that nothing will happen before next Tuesday at the earliest, thus revealing his hand to all and sundry.  Poor politics.

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