19 September 2013

Conversation of the week

From here:
Cameron: What's all this about women not finding me very attractive?
Osborne: It's hard to imagine, isn't it?
Cameron: I always rather thought women rather fancied a Boden-catalogue man.
Hague: Maybe it's your personality they don't like.
Osborne: You're not helping. Dave's really sensitive about this. He really thought the party had made a breakthrough with the laydeez.
Tim Loughton: That Sarah Teather bird. Good job she's leaving at the next election. She's totally bloody useless. She called herself a families minister and she couldn't even be bothered to have a family. What a hypocrite.
Hague: Quite …
Loughton: I mean, it's like you being foreign secretary when you're not a bloody foreigner.
Osborne: You're not helping, either.


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