12 September 2013

Headline of the day

Incomprehensible from Bloomberg (here):
Aussie Drops on Jobless as Won to Kiwi Climb on Rate View
Mean anything?  Here is the explanation:
The Australian dollar fell for the first time in a week and the nation’s bonds rallied after unemployment rose, while New Zealand’s dollar and South Korean won gained after central bank decisions. Japan’s stocks dropped as Sharp Corp. and Mitsubishi Motors Corp. (7211)planned share sales.
The Aussie weakened 0.8 percent to 92.58 U.S. cents as of 12:42 p.m. in Singapore and the yield on 10-year Australian government bonds slid 12 basis points, the most in a month, to 4.05 percent. The kiwi jumped 0.5 percent, while the won headed for a six-month high. The Topix Index (TPX) lost 0.5 percent as the yen climbed against the dollar. The MSCI Asia Pacific Index slid 0.2 percent while Standard & Poor’s 500 Index futures fell 0.1 percent. Gold dropped to a three-week low,
All clear now?  No?  Well, me neither.

I don't know why I read this stuff.


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