10 September 2013

Trampling upon the green shoots

By George, he thinks he's cracked it!  The Independent reports:
George Osborne claimed a decisive victory for his economic policy by telling Labour it had “lost the argument” and predicting that Britain was now finally “turning a corner”.
Speaking at a building site in the City of London the Chancellor said Britain’s return to growth over the first half of the year, after two years of stagnation, vindicated his bitterly-contested deficit reduction programme and demonstrated that only he could be trusted with the economy.
“We held our nerve when many told us to abandon our plan” he said. “The evidence increasingly suggests that our macroeconomic plan was the right one and is working.”
Accordingly, we can now expect "the decisive victory" to turn to ashes within weeks.  Georgie boy is turning a corner in order to be run over by an oncoming juggernaut.

Memo to politicians:  Beware of announcing success; it always ends in tears ...

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