24 February 2014

That explains it

Look, the Scottish rugby team does win many matches, least of all away matches.  So Saturday's glorious victory was something of a surprise, albeit an entirely welcome surprise.  But now we know that they had some help:
Scotland may have received help from an unexpected corner in its dramatic win against Italy in the Six Nations on Saturday: JK Rowling has revealed in a new story why "it is considered infra dig for wizards to support any rugby team other than Scotland".
Ever since the 19th century, writes Rowling on her website Pottermore, the worldwide wizarding community has thrown its support behind the Scottish rugby team, even though they are forbidden to take part in "Muggle" sports themselves. In a rare appearance on Twitter, Rowling also urged her nearly three million followers to "help keep this noble tradition alive by tweeting #wizards4scotlandrugbyteam before #6nations Scotland v Italy", adding: "Wizards worldwide support the Scottish rugby team. It's an old magical tradition."
So, Gerry Guscott, Andrew Cottar, and co, stick that in your pipe and smoke it!


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