12 May 2014

Look, they have to write about something

The Telegraph again.  This time it's dwelling in fantasy land:
England must not win the football World Cup. For the sake of the Union and its survival, defeat for England in Brazil is imperative.
England winning would rescue Alex Salmond, who is, despite all his grinning and bluster, behind in the independence campaign. A World Cup win – with the London-based sporting media going nuts demanding a dukedom for Stephen Gerrard and banging on about football coming home, the boys of 1966 and all that – would be guaranteed to infuriate the Scots and swing it for the Nationalists.
If I were the bold Alex, I would not allow my hopes to be raised over much.  Still, it's an entertaining thought to consider that, for once, the nationalists might be supporting England's efforts at the World Cup.

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