13 May 2014

Quote of the day

From The Guardian (here):
Michael Gove is a man who would find it difficult to walk past a fire without pouring petrol on it. A man who has repeatedly and rigorously questioned the brilliance of his own ideas and found – much to his delight – that he and they are every bit as brilliant as he first thought. A man whose instinctive reaction to any challenge is to come out fighting.
Some Labour MPs made the mistake of referring to free schools as a vanity project. For Gove this is a compliment. He may not have a lot to be personally vain about, but he is assiduous in cultivating those few areas where vanity is possible. He is a dandy manqué. A showman. His clothes, his theatrical delivery, even his policies are expressions of his personality. Vanity. All is vanity.


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