22 May 2014

Worse things happen at sea

Look, it could have happened to anyone (or at least to anyone daft enough to separate the organisation running the trains from the organisation responsible for the track and stations).  But The Guardian has to make a song and dance about it:
Name: Le Train
Age: Very new.
Appearance: At a standstill.
Le train. Let me guess – French trains are in the news? Quel cleverness, mon petit chou! Yes, they are.
Et pourquoi? Because the French train company SNCF just took delivery of the 2,000 new trains it ordered at a cost of £12.1bn and discovered that they are too wide for more than 1,000 regional stations.
Merde! How did that happen? Apparently the national rail operator RFF gave SNCF the wrong dimensions.
Me, I blame the fat controller.  C'est magnifique mais ce n'est pas le chemin de fer.

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