30 June 2014

It's a tough old life

As a result of one of the many minor miracles of modern technology, I have added a widget to this blog.  If you look at the top right-hand corner, you may discern a small box showing the current temperature (in Fahrenheit, as I still think in old money) of my local community.  At present, despite it being after 9 o'clock, it is still well over 70 degrees.

This is, nevertheless, a welcome diminution from the temperatures of earlier this afternoon, when it was over 90.  Great, if all you have to do is sit in the sun by the swimming pool or drink beer under the umbrellas on the terrace of the local bar.  Not so much fun if you have to trek round the supermarket or deal with the ever increasing mound of ironing.

Still, mustn't grumble ...


1 comment:

John Kettles said...

Not sure the widget is working as it should. When I open you up you are showing Darlington 52F. Not quite Southern Spain Inthink.