21 January 2015


The Guardian reports:
Lidl’s fashion prowess knows no bounds: ahead of Burns night on Sunday, the budget supermarket has started selling kilts. The viscose rayon mix skirt costs £29.99 and is part of a collection that includes a pleather [sic] sporran for £10 and a haggis for 99p.
Lidl first piloted the design ahead of last summer’s Commonwealth games. This “proto-kilt”, which was three yards shorter and £10 cheaper, sold out almost immediately. The new line has been rolled out in time for this weekend’s celebrations, and the collection is already close to being sold out in both London and Scotland.
But would a true Scotsman wear it? The kilt comes in at the requisite eight yards long, making it legit enough. It’s just the tartan that is causing a minor furore. The design – a muted, forgettable palette of greys, greens and blues – borrows freely from various, disparate tartans. Lidl claims it’s Highland Grey. According to theHouse of Tartan, it “resembles” Highland Granite. Brian Wilton of the Scottish Tartans Authority says: “It’s not a tartan I recognise”.
Well, you won't see me wearing it.  Not because it comes from Lidl, but because I have never ever worn a kilt.  I am not a highlander but derive (mostly) from sturdy Lowland Scots stock.  So why should I wear a throwback to teuchter fashion, popularised in Victorian times?

Besides, I havnae got the knees for it.


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