20 April 2015

Keeping you up to date

From The Times (here behind paywall):
Nicola Sturgeon was on the Andrew Marr sofa yesterday, again. She hates Westminster so much that she rarely leaves it these days. But she is very much the television guest du jour. There she was, chirpy in red with the highest (red) heels I have ever seen on a politician, on a charm offensive.
“The SNP in the House of Commons after the election will not be any kind of destructive force,” she said. “We want to be constructive.”
Somewhere in the studio, David Cameron was watching, getting angrier by the sentence: this woman was soooo infuriating. She was implacable. She was chirpy. And she was Scottish! They lost the referendum. She should get over it.
Andrew was now asking, nicely, if Ed Miliband was a puppet and she the puppeteer.“It’s about grown-up, constructive politics,” said Nicola, almost sweetly (well, I do see her as a boiled sweet).
Andrew was asking her if she liked to “shake things up”.
“That is not my approach,” said the woman who has thrown the entire election into a tiswas.


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