29 April 2015

Quote of the day

From the usually snarky Marina Hyde in The Guardian (here):
To South Queensferry, with the magnificent Forth bridges as a backdrop, where a small walkabout by Nicola Sturgeon passed off in what seems to be typical style. Builders shouted words of support from scaffolding. Babies were pulled from their pushchairs by their mothers, selfies with the Scottish National party leader abounded and she was presented with presents including a specially gift-wrapped scone and jam, a nice flowery jotter pad, some Scottish tablet and a model of the SNP logo which a boy had built out of Lego. It’s all somewhat … unusual.
Unlike the Westminster leaders, Sturgeon has walked endlessly among the voters, tweeted them back and appeared in their photos. It is as if the SNP medium has become the message.
In turn, that message becomes the movement. As the old showbiz saying goes: when you’re hot, you’re hot. If the Scottish Labour leader, Jim Murphy, were to walk along a balance beam in his stockinged feet, it would look like the desperate act of a man wobbling to obliteration. When Sturgeon does it, she’s walking the line, she’s holding her nerve, she’s acing the highwire. When you’re hot, you’re hot.
And yet another London journo has fallen under her spell ...


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