01 March 2016

Quote of the day

The London media are still in thrall to the evil genius of Nicola.  This from The Times:
It is not impossible that Nicola Sturgeon may be confusing people. While making a speech yesterday in London — where, for now at least, she can go without passing through border checks — Scotland’s first minister passionately urged British people to vote to keep the United Kingdom in the European Union. She said this despite probably hoping, equally passionately, that they don’t. And yet, despite officially hoping for an In, while secretly hoping for an Out, she does, actually, want to Remain. “My God,” you might be thinking. “The woman makes less sense than Boris.”
...  no, Sturgeon knows exactly what she is doing. She knows where this all might lead, and she knows what to do when we get there. The question is, does anybody else?
Well, certainly not the Tories, nor indeed Labour.  But that would only be the end of the beginning, so to speak ...


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