13 July 2016


Some people are getting very upset about the failure to exclude Jeremy Corbyn from leadership election.  The Independent reports:
A former special advisor to Tony Blair says a decision to allow Jeremy Corbyn the automatic right to defend his leadership will be the death of the Labour party.
John McTernan is a long-time critic of Mr Corbyn and said if the leader "had any shame" he would have walked away some time ago.
He told BBC News in the wake of the NEC's secret ballot decision: "Today was the day the Labour party was stabbed in the heart and killed by the Labour National Executive Committee.
"Jeremy Corbyn may have won this vote, but he has destroyed the Labour party," he said. 
I disagree.  If Corbyn had been excluded, a large proportion of the Labour Party would have regarded it as a stitch-up and would never have forgiven those responsible.  This way, there is at least a chance that the party can be re-united, either under a new leader or under Corbyn.  Not a very big chance, but a chance nonetheless.


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