03 July 2016


I wonder if this is somebody who could be a Prime Minister.  The Observer reports:
Today the Observer reveals that Corbyn’s private office is reluctant to allow the leader to speak to the Labour party’s democratically elected deputy, Tom Watson, on his own.
A senior source close to Corbyn explained: “They want Watson to be on his own with him so that he can jab his finger at him. We are not letting that happen. We have a duty of care here. He’s a 70-year-old man [sic]. This is not a one-off. There is a culture of bullying, maybe it’s a Blairite/Brownite thing. But while they see two old men [Corbyn and McDonnell], they don’t see the 250,000 people behind them.”
If Corbyn's staff cannot trust their man not to be bullied by the Deputy Leader, then the Labour Party is in considerable trouble.

For the record, Corbyn is 67.


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