20 July 2017

Money for old rope

It’s showbusiness, innit? Just because Chris Evans (£2.2m pa) is a DJ who has never shown any particular interest in music or because Gary Lineker (£1.75m) has prostituted himself for potato crisps, that should not mean that they should be prevented from maximising the financial returns from their meagre talents. You may think that Jeremy Vine (£700k) is an attention-seeking creep, that  Alan Shearer (£450K) is a less than articulate football pundit with the tactical acuity of a barn door and that John Humphrys (£600K) is a sexist boor well past his sell-by date, but it seems inevitable that they should nevertheless be entitled to screw the BBC for as much as they can get.

It’s not rocket science, is it?


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