18 July 2017

Quote of the day

Alex Massie in The Times (here):
... at the weekend ... Kezia Dugdale, the Labour leader, and Jenny Gilruth, the SNP MSP for Mid Fife and Glenrothes, announced they were in a relationship together. This really is a new Scotland. Not because there is anything unusual in couples differing politically, but because the news was met with nothing more than an oh-that’s-nice rumble of niceness.
Admittedly, there is something unusual in love across the aisle when both parties are serving politicians in the same legislature. You do wonder, too, if this will have a subtle but discernible effect on how Ms Dugdale, in particular, talks about the SNP. It might be more difficult for her to castigate SNP failings in quite so sharply personal terms as she has, of late, been wont to do. Still, there is something refreshing about this too; a necessary reminder that politics is only politics, that there’s more to life than bloody politics, and that politics should know its place.
[my emphasis]

And a damn good thing too.


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