16 July 2017

Out of touch

They never fail to amaze.  The Sunday Times reports:
Philip Hammond has declared that public-sector workers are “overpaid”, as a bitter cabinet war erupted over austerity.
At a heated cabinet meeting on Tuesday, the chancellor refused to lift the 1% cap on wages for public-sector workers on the grounds that they earn more than those in the private sector, along with generous taxpayer-funded pensions.
But Hammond left his colleagues thunderstruck at the language he used. “Public-sector workers are overpaid when you take into account pensions,” he declared. The chancellor then described train drivers as “ludicrously overpaid”.
Tell that to the nurses, to the firefighters, to the prison officers, to the junior civil servants who man the desks at social security offices.

Note:  According to Wikipedia, Hammond's personal wealth amounts to a mere £9 million.

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