03 August 2017

Concocted panic?

Can it really be true that Europe will be cut off from the UK?*  Mr O'Leary appears to think so:
Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary thinks you'd better line up a stay-cation for 2019.

The airline CEO told the BBC that the UK is in denial over Brexit, and that it’s entirely possible that if David Davis and chums don’t pull their fingers out, there might not be any flights between here and the continent during the Brexit summer.
September 2018 - only just over a year away from now - is the cut off date for airlines when it comes to scheduling for when the UK is formally out of the EU.

If there’s no deal on air access by then, there will be no flights, for at least a couple of months and perhaps for longer. That will create problems that go way beyond people not being able to get to Spain for their summer break (assuming things remain gummed up for that long) unless they’re willing to fly via Boston.
I would have thought that the economic consequences for the tourism industries of Spain, Portugal and Greece (and perhaps even France) would be so severe that some kind of arrangement would be patched up.  But - as with so many of the other consequentials of Brexit - who knows?

* A bit like fog in the Channel


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