06 August 2017

Kids get it in the neck - again

Now that the silly season is upon us, it is time to whack (metaphorically) the nation's children.  The Observer reports:
The children’s commissioner has warned parents that they must intervene to stop their children overusing social media and consuming time online “like junk food”.
As web use reaches record highs among children, Anne Longfield has attacked the new methods social media giants are using to draw them into spending more time staring at tablets and smartphones. In an interview with the Observer, she said that parents should “step up” and be proactive in stopping their children from bingeing on the internet during the summer holidays.
So the present culprits are the social media.  Before that, it was video games; and, before that, it was watching too much television.  In the days of the caveman, kids were probably spending excessive time chasing baby dinosaurs.


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