20 September 2008

Allocating blame

I seldom agree with Alan Cochrane in The Telegraph but on this occasion he is more right than most:

Parliaments always look at their worst when everyone is agreeing with each other, and Thursday's session at Holyrood was especially stomach-churning. Now, I know that there is supposed to be a national consensus in defence of HBOS and I have no objection to that.
Where it went completely over the top was in MSPs' lemming-like decision to follow, to the letter, Alex Salmond's attacks on those who indulged in the short selling of HBOS shares. Other than Patrick Harvie, leader-in-waiting of the Greens, all the party leaders lined up dutifully behind the First Minister to agree that this proud, noble and wonderfully efficient organisation had been laid low by the actions of bad people.
This is far from being the view of a large proportion of those who are about to see their jobs die. Among those employees and, increasingly among financial experts, the blame is much more being laid at the door of their bosses at The Mound - including Andy Hornby, the chief executive who is said to be in line for a £2 million sweetener in the takeover.

A lot more of this kind of thing to come, I suspect.


Anonymous said...

Oh, don't be ridiculous HW! It's clearly all an English/Unionist/Wastemonster plot to destroy the Scottish economy, keep us locked into the parasitic Union, plunder our natural resources and suck our brains out through our noses with straws while we sleep! Haven't you been reading the Herald and Scotsman forums? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Anyone wishing to share the joy of Patrick not agreeing with the soggy consensus should check out the YouTube.