02 September 2008

One more tick in the box

The abolition of hospital parking charges is populist but astute. Those who do not frequent hospitals can have no idea of the irritation, even fury, caused by such charges.

So, once again, the SNP administration has confounded the opposition parties. Others may have talked about it whereas the SNP has acted. I have not been able to find any assessment of the loss of income to health boards as a result but I doubt if the patients, their relatives and hospital staff will care.

The only slight - but understandable - disappointment is that PFI hospitals, including the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, are not (directly) covered by the announcement.

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cabalamat said...

I agree. For the NHS to attempt to profit (and profiteer) from people who are sick or visiting sick relatives and friends, is utterly immoral and disgusting.

I now have at least one good thing to say about the SNP.