02 July 2009

His lips are moving

Quote of the day, by our Prime Minister:
"I always tell the truth. I have always told it as it is."

Two weeks after he blatantly denied considering the replacement of Darling as Chancellor with Balls, only to be thwarted by the resignation of Purnell?

Even after he has given three different versions of future public spending at PMQs over the past three weeks?

Hard to believe, I know but there was a time in the early 1990s when Mr Brown as Shadow Chancellor was witty and quick on his feet, and ran rings round Major, Lamont and, to a lesser extent, Clarke. Sad to see the tired hulk, exhausted and bad-tempered, making u-turn after u-turn (MPs' code of conduct, ID cards, Royal Mail). Interested only in his own survival.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Going to take a miracle to save Gordon. Going to take even more of a miracle to stop a massacre of Nu Layburr MPs... scenes reminiscent of the Tory decimation of 1997 look to be on the cards. About time that Scots recognise that Laburr isn't the same party they're fathers and grandfathers voted for throughout the years.