14 July 2009

Stuff happens

Two years ago, the SNP came first in the Scottish parliamentary elections, in large part because its party organisation was effective and disciplined.

One year ago, Labour lost a parliamentary by-election in Glasgow, partly because it lacked the party organisation to deliver its vote and partly because it messed up in the selection of its candidate.

The SNP is now casting around for a third or fourth choice candidate for Glasgow North East and denying meltdown.

Dare one say that, in terms of organisation and discipline, the SNP is looking a little like the Labour Party?

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Indy said...

The SNP are now looking for a second candidate as the candidate they selected has stood down. That's unfortunate but how you get to third or fourth choice is beyond me.

It would be true to say however that there is less competition for this candidacy than there would have been in days gone by.

That is because the kind of people who would have been likely contenders for a by-election in the past are already Westminster candidates in Glasgow - and they are not willing to give that up to fight a by-election, as they have a realistic chance of being elected at the general election.

So in that sense yes the SNP are starting to look a bit like Labour i.e. a party that wins in Glasgow.

Incidentally Labour also have a problem with their candidate. He lives in London. Nothing wrong with that but it does go against their characterisation of him as the 'local' candidate.