25 July 2009

Quote of the day

From a former window cleaner who, after a day's training, is employed in the call centre dealing with callers worried about swine flu (from here):
"During the training they were telling us what an important job we were doing allaying people's fears and potentially saving lives. I thought, if it is such an important job, shouldn't we get paid more than £6.60 an hour? "

Well what did you expect? People with some medical training?


James said...

Hi Dave,
Any chance you could change your RSS settings so we can see the articles there?


Dave said...

I would be happy to do so but you would need to tell me how to go about it.

James said...

Ah, dunno, I use moveable type, but you must have some settings on Blogspot to allow you to do it. For instance, ScottishToryBoy uses Blogspot and manages it. He may be able to advise.

Having so much in my RSS reader, it really gets in the way to have to click to an individual story (unless you want to comment), and those that don't show the whole story are gradually getting winnowed out. I don't want to have to do this with the Chronicles!