11 January 2010


Does anyone know why the African Nations Championship appears to be broadcast solely on Eurosport? It's not as if the BBC and ITV, with their multiplicity of channels, had anything better to show; and, if Eurosport is showing it, it cannot have been expensive. Sky Sports is equally blank.

A few more games like that of yesterday evening which ended up at 4 goals apiece between Angola and Mali and the regular broadcasters may regret it.


BellgroveBelle said...

It does seem a bit odd, particularly as so many domestic games were called off due to the weather. I'm sure it was on BBC3 last time!

Iain D said...

I noticed this too and yes, every game was live last time on BBC red button along with a decent highlights package.

BBC are picking up the semis and final live but nothing other than that. A shame as despite the tragic start, it's been a great tournament football wise so far.

natural said...

On BBC t think.. Thank`s