08 March 2011

Don't blame me!

What Mr Hague said:
"When our staff go into a potentially dangerous situation, then the level of protection is provided for them based on professional and military advice. I authorised such a mission to be made, to put a diplomatic team into eastern Libya, as I explained, with protection.

"Of course the timing and details of that are operational matters decided by the professionals but ministers must have confidence in their judgments, as I do, and must take full ministerial responsibility for all their actions and judgments and, of course, I do.

"Of course, the prime minister and colleagues were aware that we would attempt to put a diplomatic team into eastern Libya."
What he meant:
I'm not carrying the can for this fiasco. I may be technically responsible but it was those in operational charge that botched it up. And anyway it was No 10 who insisted that the stupid plan go ahead. Of course.

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