07 March 2011

'Twas ever thus ...

You can tell if the CBI is on the side of the common man. The Guardian reports:
... the CBI warned chancellor George Osborne to give a deadline for scrapping the 50p tax rate or risk losing talented business people and growing companies to cheaper locations abroad.

Director general John Cridland said wealthy business people needed to play their part in cutting the deficit but warned that top rate taxpayers would be tempted to quit the country if the 50p rate became a permanent feature.

Yes, the principal concern of the CBI is of the 300,000 or so not-so-common men who earn more than £150,000 per year, the level at which the 50% rate kicks in. Never mind those whose pay cannot keep up with inflation or who have lost their jobs in recent months, the CBI has to look after those who earn £3,000 plus per week.

And, incidentally, we seem to have heard before (on numerous occasions) that taradiddle about the rich leaving the country; never seems to amount to much though ...

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Richard T said...

And don't forget the CBI's obsession with getting rid of red tape. That's the red tape that stops companies sacking folk at whim. Sorry I meant getting rid of trouble makers. No no having the freedom to employ whomever they wish.