22 April 2011

It's not raining in my heart ...

Ach, it could be worse. Nevertheless, the weather out here this week has been a bit wet and changeable. And it is not expected to get any better over the weekend.

So the London papers can continue to crow about their smog-ridden city:

... the first of an estimated 2 million holidaymakers left the UK for supposed hotspots, many of which are currently cooler than southern England's daily highs of 24C (71F). Pullovers were evident on flights to Barcelona and Corfu, where the temperature was 16C (61F) and 17C (63F), while relatives seeing travellers off were in T-shirts.

In my experience, the short-term travellers determinedly stride about in their shorts and t-shirts regardless of the weather, while those of more permanent residence are shrouded in sweaters and cardies.

But hey, the sun will probably be back for later next week. And for now, temperatures of 20 to 22 degrees are not unpleasant.

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