21 April 2011

Whither Mr Gray?

Whither indeed? The Herald reports:

THE SNP have swept into an unprecedented lead as the election campaign gathers pace, according to a new opinion poll that puts the party within reach of an outright Holyrood majority.
The analysis of voters intentions delivers Alex Salmond’s party more than 60 seats and a thumping lead over Labour. A working majority could comfortably be achieved if Greens and independents chose to back the Nationalists.
The ipsos-MORI Scottish Sun/Times poll suggests Labour would end up on 45 seats, some 16 behind the SNP, a result that would inevitably result in a major post-mortem on the party’s loss of control in Scotland and the disastrous nature of its current campaign.

Never mind the post-mortem. If this poll proves accurate, Mr Gray is finished. There is no pleasure to be had in kicking a wounded man as he lies bleeding on the ground, particularly when that man seems an essentially decent sort, even if totally uninspiring. And there are others in the Scottish Labour Party hierarchy who have little to boast about.

The prospect of another 5 years of Salmond looms, like the thunder before the storm. It will end in tears for all concerned. We're doomed, I tell you.

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