06 April 2011

Told you so

The Independent catches up:
So that went well. The RAC reports that, on average, petrol now costs 2p a litre more than it did before the Budget a fortnight ago, when George Osborne produced his 1p cut in duty with such a flourish. We might give the Chancellor some credit – without the 1p reduction petrol would, of course, be 3p a litre more expensive – but not much: this was a piece of political grandstanding that proved to be an empty gesture in the context of pressures from the oil market.
Aye, and it's going to get worse - the price of oil is now over $122 per barrel.

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Richard T said...

Aye and in Orkney where I stay, it's cheaper for the bus operator to get the ferry to Kirkwall to fill up than to buy on Eday. When you think the price in Kirkwall is now 149.9 a litre.................