15 May 2011

The backlash

We, the Scots, have upset Tim Lott (Tim Moanalot?) who has taken to The Independent:

Well, speaking as one effete arsehole [an Englishman] to the servile miserable pathetic trash [the Scots] – good on you. You've played an outstanding game, politically and economically. But I think the game might be coming to a close – and partly out of the hubris of that very Scottish egoism. Because, if independence comes and the subsidies finally dry up, I suspect they might find that the English had been more useful to them then they imagined (something the historic grassroots opposition to independence in Scotland clearly recognises). But, for me, I have had enough of them. Much as I have liked pretty much every Scot I have ever met (I find them nice, clever, cultured, polite, lovely people), I'm quite happy for them to bugger off, get their hands out of our exchequer, their placemen out of our governments, and their sense of perpetual grievance out of the Union.

Not the first; and it won't be the last ...

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