18 May 2011

Oh yes, culture

It would remiss of me not to acquaint you with my cultural diversions during my holiday in this quaint fishing village on the Costa del Sol. I don’t just drink beer, you know.

On the DVD front, the highlight has undoubtedly been the first two series of Spiral (Les Engrenages). To those who allege that I have a thing about Capitaine Laure, I admit it. It’s in French of course (not a problem to sophisticates comme moi). But utterly splendid, and I look forward to series 3, recently on the BBC, which I mostly missed (cos it was late at night and over here I don’t have access to the i-player).

I also enjoyed The American. Despite the name and the fact that it starred George Clooney, it struck me as a very European film. The Kids are all right was less successful - a bit too Hollywood for me. But the 9th series of Spooks was melodramatic hokum at its best (or worst) and none the worse for that. RED and The Girl who kicked the Hornet’s Nest were also good fun.

As for the printed word, for once I did not have to cart volumes out with me. Did I tell you that I bought a Kindle? And a terrific invention it is. I have been enjoying numerous volumes, particularly Andrea Camilleri’s Sicilian detective mysteries. Now ploughing through Zola’s Therese Raquin, a book I have loved since I was a student. And I finished off Len Deighton’s Game, Set and Match trilogy.

So there you go. If I have been wasting my time, then too bad. But I don’t think so.

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