23 May 2011

The pantomime continues

Frankly, I am struggling to keep up. The Independent reports the latest:
A Scottish newspaper became the first mainstream British publication to identify the Premier League footballer who is attempting to prevent discussion on Twitter about his affair with the former Big Brother star Imogen Thomas. Meanwhile it was reported that a High Court judge had referred an unidentified journalist to the Attorney General, Dominic Grieve, to consider a criminal prosecution for breaching a privacy injunction with a tweet about another footballer.

Farcical? Absurd? To quote Ms Palin, you betcha! Particularly when anyone who wishes to know the identities of the footballers concerned (or the identity of Sir Fred Goodwin's alleged mistress, come to that) need only spend a couple of minutes (if that) on google. Perhaps the lawyers and the judges just don't want to let slip away the nice little earner afforded by privacy injunctions. But they are making themselves, the courts and the law look ridiculous.

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