12 May 2011

Something wrong somewhere

I was in Marks & Spencer's Princes Street emporium this morning (I am back in Edinburgh for 48 hours for a family wedding) and was horrified to hear that the music being played over the tannoy was Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits.

It seems to me utterly inappropriate that a middle class department store should deploy Bob as a taster for their patrons. Accordingly, this middle-aged hippie has sold his shares in M & S (and unfortunately made a profit).

When I was 20 years old, I didn't have to face these moral conundrums. All very difficult.

Back to Spain tomorrow morning. They don't play Bob over there.


Sweet Melinda said...

I think you are being unduly harsh on both Bob (who has sanctioned his songs for advertsing purposes before now) and M+S (better Bob than Beyonce). I think the real question Dave is why, as a dedicated follower of fashion, you are shopping in M+S in the first place.

Dave said...

Good point!

Basically, I am an aging hippie with bourgeois tendencies. Fashion is well beyond me - I was in the foodhall. (Maybe that's even worse...)