28 September 2011

It's a fracking shame

Now look, don't tell the SNP. If Scotland had an energy resource to replace North Sea oil, we might just be looking at a game-changer. According to The Independent, our Polish friends may be leading the way:
In Poland, however, the exploitation of shale gas is well on the way to becoming something of a national mission. Poland's Prime Minister, Donald Tusk (below), has described shale gas as his country's "great chance" to turn Poland from an energy importer to a major exporter within a generation. And the subtext for Warsaw is that shale gas could not only make Poland into an exporter, but also end its age-old energy dependence on Russia.
Aye, well, shale gas. There's a wee problem. In order to get it out of the ground, you have to be somewhat brutal. Contamination of water supplies, there's the rub. But there are - maybe - solutions. Anyway, is there gas under the Scottish landscape? Again, maybe. This report suggests we may be on a winner, at least if I interpret it correctly.

Let's not jump to conclusions, but the politicians may do so ...

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