07 September 2011


Not sure I would allow him to accompany me to the pub. If he's not prepared to finance a cat. then he can't be trusted to buy his round. The Guardian reports:

A special quiz night is reportedly being held in Downing Street, to provide for a furry neet, conspicuously not in education, employment or training, since he can usually be seen asleep on or under a chair at No 10.

A No 10 spokesman said cautiously: "I'm afraid we cannot confirm staff events," but the quiz for Downing Street staff is said to be happening in the state rooms, to raise funds for rations for Larry the cat.

When Larry, a rescue cat from Battersea dogs and cats home, moved in last spring, No 10 promised that he would be a community cat, not a drain on the public purse.

So Cameron expects his staff to pay for the damn cat - poor show.

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