05 September 2011

Take a chance?

It probably doesn't matter. Neither the Scottish Tories nor a successor with a new name is likely to succeed. But at least Murdo is putting in an effort, unlike this deadbeat trio in The Telegraph:
Prime Minister David Cameron, while not wishing to get involved in a public slanging match during the Scottish party’s leadership contest, believes that the abolition plan is a “distraction” from the main fight of countering First Minister Alex Salmond’s plans for a referendum on independence and the breaking up of Britain. David Mundell, the minister of state at the Scotland Office and the only Tory MP north of the border, has also set his face firmly against the move as has the man still idolised by a large section what’s left of Scottish Tory support, Lord (Michael) Forsyth of Drumlean.
If Cameron, Mundell and Forsyth are agin, then the bold Murdo must be doing something right. Besides, what have the Scottish Tories got to lose?

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