17 September 2011

It's just gas

I think Mr Hassan is seeking to be helpful (or maybe not). Anyway, The Scotsman relays his prescription:

Scottish Labour has to create a culture which is comfortable with exceptional people emerging, leading, taking risks and making decisions. And then beginning to flesh out a vision and bigger picture.

Much more than Labour's internal review on structures and what the leader is called or not called, the party needs to become comfortable with the sort of leadership which is appropriate for the modern age. One which is positive, not negative, delegating, not controlling, focused around an individual, but who is part of a team, and who has a generous, ecumenical account of what Scotland is and what it can become.
Aye well, easy to say. But how do we get to there from here? And, if you don't tell us, are you just floating balloons in the air? (I could have put it less politely, but I have the sensibility of my readers to consider.

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