20 January 2012

The black knight

I willingly admit that the whole concept of knighthood is a nonsensical anachronism in the 21st century.  And I would certainly not defend the role of highly paid bankers in contibuting to the 2008 financial crash.

Nevertheless there is something deeply unsavoury about Cameron's rush to condemn Sir Fred Goodwin by asking the Forfeiture Committee to strip him of his knighthood.  This Governmet has been in office for 18 months; why at this point suddenly make a song and dance about Sir Fred?  Jumping on a passing populist bandwagon?  Toadying to The Daily Mail?  I refuse to believe that Cameron has succumbed to a fit of morality.

Heigh ho.  I suppose that, if awarding a knighthood (all that flummery with swords) is daft, taking one away is equally daft.  Now what other villains can we defenestrate?  Branson, anyone?

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