24 January 2012

We're all in this together (part 37)

So, at the top end, the fatcats are facing a strict cap on their outrageous salaries, regardless of how many children they have.  The coalition government are determined to deal firmly with the problem of excessive remuneration, even if it means that the bloated capitalists have to move house to a cheaper mansion out in the suburbs.  And if their spoiled kids have to move to a cheaper school, then so be it.  It’s a something for something society.

Meanwhile, at the bottom end, recipients of housing benefit and child benefit will simply be encouraged to desist from claiming the absolute maximum possible.  The government will insist that the Department of Work and Pensions publishes benefit rates, so that there is full transparency.  The government justifies such a relatively ineffective response by pointing out that the future economy of the country depends upon the legions of the unemployed and the low paid and it does not want to upset them.

Or have I got this the wrong way round?  


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