20 January 2012

Quote of the day

Voldemort Lansley as reported in The Independent:
Mr Lansley told the BBC the legislation was essential in order to give nurses and doctors clinical leadership. He said: "[The RCN] used to be a professional association that was working with us on professional issues and will carry on doing that, but now the trade union aspect of the Royal College of Nursing has come to the fore, they want to have a go at the Government... about things like pay and pensions." He added: "It's a purely political operation."
Mr Lansley claimed the RCN and RCM supported the principles of the Bill. "What they are actually unhappy about is pay, pensions and jobs.
Surely a breach of etiquette: mere politicians are not usually permitted to attack nurses and midwives.  (Voldemort should remember that they are not train drivers or civil servants.)


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